I don't have any demo server to offer. But this application may help you to find WMS services:


Le 11/05/2010 17:40, Jochen Topf a écrit :
I am just working on a piece of Open Source software that can access WMS
servers. I'd like to have some kind of demo server that could be configured
in the software by default so that people have a working configuration
directly after install which makes it easier for them to get going. The
server doesn't have to do much, just deliver a simple world map or so.

I looked around a bit for suitable demo servers, but didn't find any. It
should be something with a reasonable chance that it will be around for a

I could imagine that other people have the same problem. How about having
such a WMS server on a OSGeo host somewhere? I don't expect a huge amount
of load on such a server, its just for demo and not for actual use, really.

What do you think about this? I don't have access to any OSGeo hosts, but
would be willing to help with the setup.

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