I'm excited to start serving as a new board member.  Thanks for the votes.

Current members-

Are there any details new members should know?

I've just put in a subscription request for the Board list ( Looks like that is pending approval.

I've also just come across the wiki page about the F2F meeting ( I regret that I didn't know about this earlier, as I would have made different arrangements. As it is, I am leaving early Sunday and had made plans for Saturday. I put my name down and can try to make it for a good part of the meeting (or all).

Let me know if there is anything else we should be aware of as new board members.


On 8/27/10 12:53 AM, Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) wrote:
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thanks again for organizing the board elections. It is great that we
could get this done in time prior to FOSS4G so that the new board can
meet there in real life. This promises to become a very productive meeting.

Howard, Ari,
thanks to both of you for serving on the board for two full years and we
hope to continue to see you give advice to the OSGeo board in your
specific domains. We will lack the European and education background of
Ari and miss Howard's direct engagement from our systems committee.

Tim and Daniel,
welcome to the board and be prepared for lots of activities in the
coming months. We need to look into funding and acquire new and more
sponsors. The local chapters of OSGeo are developing great but many
would like to see a closer relation to the OSGeo Foundation. The public
geodata committee is developing interesting ideas around cataloging that
could turn into a new OSGeo service and last but not least we will want
to improve the incubation process to better serve the projects and the

thanks all for trusting me with another term on the board of directors
and I am excited to get going with the new team. See (hopefully most of
you) in Barcelona.

Best regards,

Paul Ramsey wrote:

Here are the final results from the 2010 voting for the open seats of
the OSGeo Board of Directors. There were four seats open and they have
been filled by, in alphabetical order:

* Arnulf Christl
* Daniel Morissette
* Frank Warmerdam
* Tim Schaub

Thanks to everyone for running. The voting participation was 82% and
there were no tie scores to arbitrate.
Your complete resulting Board is:

* Arnulf Christl
* Chris Schmidt
* Daniel Morissette
* Frank Warmerdam
* Geoff Zeiss
* Jeff McKenna
* Markus Neteler
* Ravi Kumar
* Tim Schaub

We will complete the 2010 election process with the selection of new
Charter Members in September after FOSS4G.


Paul Ramsey
2010 Returning Officer

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Arnulf Christl
President OSGeo
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