OpenLayers is in a bit of a mess with regard to mailing lists. We have several addresses that non-members should be able to write to. These addresses could be consolidated (to one address in my opinion), but they include things like places to send in CLA, ask for trac/subversion access, inquire about sponsorship, etc.

Our PSC list in particular has become completely unusable. For historical reasons, only Chris Schmidt and Erik Uzureau had admin access to our PSC list. The list has been moved to OSGeo infrastructure, but there is still an alias set up. This list currently has around 12,000 messages awaiting moderation (according to Chris) and the list admin page returns a 500 when logging in.

I'd like to move to a mailing list solution with better spam control. The PSC has expressed approval for using hosted elsewhere like Google Groups. I'm sure others have opinions about alternatives, so I thought I'd ask here first. It's important in our case to have an archived list that non-members can post to with good spam control. I've had moderate success using Google Groups for this purpose.

Thanks for any opinions,

Tim Schaub
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