Forwarding Marc Vloemans nomination for the Board of Directors by Gert-Jan van der Weijden.

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I would like to nominate Marc Vloemans for the Board of Directors of the foundation.

I know Marc now for approximately 10 years. The first years simply as fellow-Dutchmen working in spatial IT in The Netherlands. But since Marc joined the Board of Directors of the Dutch Local Chapter "" in 2015, and since we both were members of the Local Organizing Committee of FOSS4G in Bonn this year, I have worked with Marc more closely than ever before.

I guess a lot of you (the participants of FOSS4G) can't have missed Marc since he was the central person in manning the booth at FOSS4G.

He has a broad management experience in "spreading the open source word" in both commercial and public organizations, not just in Europe but also in other continents. But his organizational experience is not tied to just our well-known FOSS4G ecosystem.

Therefore I think Marc can build bridges to other organisations and ecosystems, and thus bring a step further in its maturity.

And besides that, I know Marc as someone you can have a good beer/talk & laugh with!

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