A +1 for Jeff from me as well!


Am 2016-09-15 23:40, schrieb David William Bitner:
Another big +1 for Jeff from me. Jeff has been very engaged with many
activities surrounding OSGeo. Jeff is a strong leader who has
demonstrated ability to work through consensus while maintaining a
very practical sense of getting things done.


On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Bart van den Eijnden
<bart...@osgis.nl [15]> wrote:


Jeff would be a great asset to the OSGeo board. I’ve always
enjoyed working with him, very professional and energetic, with a
good vision. He has what it takes to be on the board for sure.

Best regards,

On 14 Sep 2016, at 17:26, Paolo Corti <pco...@gmail.com [8]>

+1 here as well.

I am really glad that Jeff is accepting the nomination. I know him
since many years now, and we worked closely on a lot of different
projects. He has an outstanding knowledge of OSGeo projects and
its community, literally endless energies, a huge commitment to
the open source movement, and a great attitude to help others.
As remembered by Jody he contributed a great part of his spare
time in the last few years for volunteering with civic hacking

I think he would represent without doubt an awesome asset for


On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 6:37 PM, Jorge Sanz <js...@osgeo.org [9]>

Forwarding Jeffrey Johnson nomination for the Board of Directors
by Tim Sutton

All the best

Jorge Sanz
CRO 2016
---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------
De: "Tim Sutton" <t...@kartoza.com [4]>
Fecha: 13 sept. 2016 22:54
Asunto: Nomination for OSGEO Board: Jeffrey Johnson
Para: "OSGeo Chief Returning Officer" <c...@osgeo.org [5]>

I would like to nominate Jeffrey Johnson for a position on the
OSGEO board. Jeffrey is an extremely energetic and active
proponent of FOSSGIS. Among other things, Jeff is co-founder
of the US QGIS Users Group and co-maintainer of the GeoNode
project. His friendly enthusiastic approach and desire to
marry business interests with his passion of FOSS GIS will be
a great asset for OSGEO. I believe that as an OSGEO board
member, Jeff will exert a positive influence on how the OSGEO
project is managed and perceived by members of the public at

I have made contact with Jeffrey prior to sending this email
and he is happy to accept my nomination.







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