Hereby I support the nomination of Dirk Frigne

Am 2016-09-13 20:50, schrieb Jorge Sanz:
Forwarding nominations of Moritz Lennert and Gert-Jan van der Weijden
for Dirk Frigne.

 Jorge Sanz
 CRO 2016



I would like to nominate Dirk Frigne (dirk.fri...@geosparc.com [1])
 Belgium as a board member.

Dirk has entered the Board recently and has since worked hard on
 advancing OSGeo interests and on pushing an agenda of
 professionalizing OSGeo as an organisation. He was one of the
co-founders of OSGeo.be in Belgium and has been one of the leaders of the OSGeo-EU initiative which led to the creation of this new chapter and which hopefully will allow breaking the stronghold of proprietary
 software in EU institutions and allow the integration of more foss4g
 European initiatives and programmes, by federating European actors
 into networks.

He has a strong business perspective and thus ensures a voice for all
 the small SMEs active in foss4g.

I feel that he has only just begun and that at his current rate of
 pouring energy into OSGeo he will bring a lot to the community if he
 is allowed to continue in the board.


 Jorge Sanz

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 De: "Gert-Jan van der Weijden - Stichting OSGeo.nl"
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 Fecha: 12 sept. 2016 18:54
 Asunto: Board nomination for Dirk Frigne
 Para: <c...@osgeo.org [3]>

I would like to nominate Dirk Frigne for the Board of Directors of
the OSGeo.org foundation.

 > Dirk has already been in the Board since January this year, as a
"substitute" after Jeff McKenna stepped down from the Board. Because
of this "split-term" he is to be re-elected this year already.
 > Dirk is not just formally -being one of OSGeos vice-presidents-
visible, but also in discussions and actions both in the Board (as one
can tell by the Board mailing list) as well as outside the Board.
 > As a founder and CEO of Geosparc (well know of GeoMajas), Dirk
knows inside out whats going in doing business in an open source
> Besides that, his efforts for putting open source for geospatial on
the European agenda forces respect.
 > And on a local scale, Dirk is as members of the Board of Directors
very much involved in the Belgian local chapter.
> I think Dirk has proven in his first 8 month as a Board member that
he is of great value of putting topics on the agenda that are very
meaningful for a greater outreach of OSGeo.org as an organisation, and
of Open Source for Geospatial in general.
 > Although I do not always agree on Dirks opinions, I think this
ability to raise the right questions, combined with his broad
background and perspective continues to make Dirk a very valuable
Board member.
 > Kind regards,
 > Gert-Jan van der Weijden

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