You might try the geosetter program which has a map link and will set the 
coordinates as you select points on the map. You can find it at:

        Bob Bruce

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Background: a colleague has a pretty incredible collection of analog photos 
(prints and slides) from various expeditions in Nepal. These are invaluable 
photos because they offer a time-series view (repeated expeditions to the same 
locations over many years) at a very high resolution. 

Problem: there is no geolocation for these photos—where the photographer was 
standing and which way he was looking when he took these photos.

Objective: Scan the photos and geolocate them, then pin them on a map of the 

For geocoding them:

- “fly” around on Google Earth/Maps trying to recognize the terrain from the 

- use programs such as [Hey What’s That](;

- construct a crowdsourcing application and get everyone and anyone involved.

I ask you, are there other solutions/approaches that come to your 
geospatial-hive-mind ?

Puneet Kishor
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