Dear all,

in addition to the call from Jody to provide your information for the new 
this is a final call for contributions to the OSGeo Annual General meeting
The program for OSGeo Annual General meeting is filling up quickly, so if you 
would like to present a brief report about OSGeo project, local chapter or a 
committee activities, please sign up on wiki here

and add your slide(s) here:

For the AGM report I have found that we had at least 15 regional FOSS4G related 
conferences since FOSS4G Bonn - see slide 10 above. I you find that I missed 
any, please let me know so that I can add it (or just add it yourself).
Similarly for Code / community sprints (slide 11) and sessions, booths at other 

Thanks to all who already signed up and added slides - feel free to include 
some photos or images to share the creative spririt and fun.

for your OSGeo BoD

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Professor at the Department of Marine, 
Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
and Center for Geospatial Analytics
North Carolina State University
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