Hi Helena,

I've added a short 1min report from the Google Summer of Code admins, to the AGM schedule.


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 8:33 PM Helena Mitasova <hmit...@ncsu.edu <mailto:hmit...@ncsu.edu>> wrote:

    Dear all,

    in addition to the call from Jody to provide your information for
    the new website,
    this is a final call for contributions to the OSGeo Annual General
    The program for OSGeo Annual General meeting is filling up quickly,
    so if you would like to present a brief report about OSGeo project,
    local chapter or a committee activities, please sign up on wiki here

    and add your slide(s) here:

    For the AGM report I have found that we had at least 15 regional
    FOSS4G related conferences since FOSS4G Bonn - see slide 10 above. I
    you find that I missed any, please let me know so that I can add it
    (or just add it yourself).
    Similarly for Code / community sprints (slide 11) and sessions,
    booths at other conferences.

    Thanks to all who already signed up and added slides - feel free to
    include some photos or images to share the creative spririt and fun.

    for your OSGeo BoD

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