I came across a recent op-ed by Prof. Mariana Mazzucato on “Digital Feudalism”  


Prof. Mazzucato is a leading researcher and thinker on Technology and 
Innovation, advisor to the European Commission on research and innovation 
strategy, and author of two important books on the subject “The Value of 
Everything” and “The Entrepreneurial State”.

The report on “Mission-oriented Research and Innovation in the European Union” 
might be of interest


Since the use of cloud platforms for GIS data analysis is having a huge impact 
on the GIS community, the subject is of relevance. I would like learn more on 

  1.  Are there any examples of Digital Feudalism in GIS?
  2.  How will Digital Feudalism in GIS affect our future generations?
  3.  What policies are governments, regulators doing to reduce Digital 
Feudalism in GIS?
  4.  What policies and curriculum are universities, educators adopting to 
reduce Digital Feudalism in GIS?

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