We are pleased to announce that GRASS GIS 8.2.1 was released!

The GRASS GIS 8.2.1 release offers over 80 improvements and bug fixes
compared to the previous release, 8.2.0. The update includes a range
of enhancements to the software’s modules. The graphical user
interface has also seen improvements, with issues being resolved for
the database manager, the image group dialog, the import of PostGIS
and SQLite geometry data, the Postscript-based mapping tool, and the
Single-Window GUI toolbar. For mobile devices, viewport support and
hamburger menu-style table of content have been added to the manual
pages. The PROJ library support received important fixes for area
bounding boxes and longitude estimation. Compatibility fixes for PDAL
2.5.0 have been added as well.

Special thanks to all contributors!

For all changes, see our detailed announcement with the full
contributors and list of features and bugs fixed at GitHub:
Packages and installers are now available for Windows, macOS, Debian,
and Fedora, with more coming soon.

See more at our release announcement:
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