Dear All,

FYI, the GSoC Contributor proposal period has started. This email is a
gentle reminder to the potential GSoC contributors interested in
participating in GSoC 2023.

*If you are a contributor interested in contributing to the geospatial open
source with OSGeo as an umbrella organization, then this is high time*:

   1. To go through the *OSGeo GSoC 2023 project ideas list* [1]. Make sure
   to check the list frequently, as it is being updated regularly with new
   2. *Contact the project mentors* via the Developers' mailing list or the
   community chat channels to discuss the project idea/ideas of your
   3. Start working on the *proposal draft* and share it with the community
   as soon as possible to receive feedback and comments.

Please go through the GSoC Contributors/Students Guide [2] to get an
overall understanding of the problem. *From Google admins:
"GSoC Contributors who engage with their organization early (and often)
are more likely to be accepted and then succeed"*.

Remember to submit your proposal well in advance, so that you can make the
most out of the feedback from mentors and the community at large and refine
your proposal until the final deadline. Read the application instructions
here [3]. The same page contains all the info you need before taking
action, so please read it carefully.

Please note that the contributor application period starts *March 20, 2023
- 18:00 UTC* and all the student proposals must be submitted before *April
4, 2023 - 18:00 UTC*. Please don't wait for the deadline. Refer to the
GSoC Timeline
[4] for more details.

We are looking forward to working with you toward another awesome edition of
 GSoC! Good luck everyone!

Please forward this email to your developer and community mailing list.

Kind regards,
Your OSGeo GSoC Admins

[3]. https://wiki.osgeo
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