> Indeed this is just one way to respond,

That's a major issue. Members of steering committees are unpaid
> volunteers. They are more or less active. With our current organization,
> they are not in a capacity to face regulation requirements. Basically
> that would mean that projects should have salaried members, at least
> part-time, to do that.

Good idea.

Or rotate through PSC members with a small contract to monitor
communication - say three months at a stretch.

So we would be expecting some kind of sustaining sponsorship from business
such as yours. In trade you get vacations :)

By pooling resources we cover for each other. And by acting I behalf of
OSGeo we are not indirect line of fire as individuals.

Advocacy rant mode on

Pretty much the whole reason to setup a software foundation folks. I love
that OSGeo allows us to set up one software foundation (rather than each
project having to do this work themselves.

OSGeo has a *extremely* low “bronze” sponsorship threshold of $500 USD
(which goes down to $375 for reciting sponsors). I have a non active
company how2map which has been sponsoring at this level for some years. So
I am doing my best to put my money (and volunteer capacity) where my speech

Advocacy rant mode off.

I am going to go back to being quiet. Thank you for your response Even.


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