Dear all,

Reaching out as a counter point to the osgeo budget 2024
<> call (which committees and
projects have responded to right?)

OSGeo budget is always intended to be part of the picture, with financial
support also being gathered from the community. With that in mind we like
to highlight community sponsorship opportunities. Specifically seeking to
present ideas and suggestions in January as organizations put together
their marketing budget for 2024.

Here are some prior years:



I know many projects have standing pages describing sponsorship or donation:

   - When looking at these pages I would ideally like to see a reminder for
   your patrons to be cross listed to osgeo sponsorship page

While I can hunt some of these links down; I do not wish to miss anyone!

Please reply to this email with a link to share:

   - I will share a draft of the news item before publishing
   - Anyone with an OSGeo UserID should be able to make news items; so if
   your committee / project / event has not setup sponsorship yet you can
   announce later when such information is available.

Jody Garnett
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