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*[Disclaimer: Working on interdisciplinary projects is always complicated
because the level of interdisciplinarity of mailing lists and social media
tends to be lower of the level of interdisciplinarity of certain projects,
so I apologize if this sounds "far out" to some...I apologize in advance
for this]*

For those of you who attended the FOSS4G conference in Florence: if you
liked the Jug Band Colline Metallifere event during the icebreaker evening (see
refresher link
you might be interested in this call for twist dancers
to a musical video on a song about the relationships between city dwellers
and cool rural places (using Tuscany as an example, but other territories
work the same).

If you were not in Florence...you might still be interested in the call.

Thinking of connections of this invitation with the FOSS4G domain...I can
say that the author of the lyrics is also credited as a contributor to
Shapelib, and that the same "factory" produced back in late 2007 a video
promoting FOSS4G which several people from this community liked a lot at
the time (see another refresher link

Last but not least: for those of you in Vienna or in the
Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg area, there will be opportunities to meet between
Spring and the beginning of the Summer (please contact us directly to avoid
more "off-topicing").

TIA for your attention, and best regards!

Andrea Giacomelli
http://www.pibinko.org Cultura, ambiente, innovazione libera...
http://www.jugbandcm.it ...e musica
+39 3791680739 - voce
+39 3317539228 - whatsapp
PIVA 01582480537
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