As far as I understood it, the mailing list will continue to work as is in the future? And discourse is only a mirror or an additional interface for those who prefer to communicate via this app?

I will not use the discourse app, if this mailing list stops its service, I am out of the conversation as well.

Thanks and best regards

Am 12.01.24 um 09:30 schrieb Bruce Bannerman:
Well said Florian,

I won’t be far behind you.

…and we wonder why user engagement on the lists has dropped off.

I have made some great friends within the OSGeo community over the years. Best 
wishes to you all.

I’ll be decommissioning this email address in the near future.  If you’d like 
to stay in contact drop me a private email.

Kind regards,


On 12 Jan 2024, at 19:05, Florian Ledermann <> 

I'm unsubscribing in protest of those changes.

I was hoping that this proposal would be objected by more active community members, but 
as a mere lurker it is not worth it for me to engage in lengthy discussions, if the 
people in charge decide to break decodes-long established UX conventions on short notice 
for the sake of "spam protection". As far as I see it these developments are 
mainly driven by corporations who pursue the political goal of destroying independent 
email infrastructure, and I would have hoped the OS community to resist those 
developments instead of happily nodding along.

Best, Florian

On 11.01.2024 19:31, Sandro Santilli wrote:
We've changed the configuration of this mailing list to respect the
recomendations from the SysAdmin team:
Notable changes are:
   1. No more [OSGeo-Discuss] prefix in email subjects
   2. No more added footer
   3. Real sender address in the From field
   4. DKIM signed emails will not be considered maliciously tampered \o/
For filtering the emails or finding mailing list address to change
user preferences you will be able to use the email headers.
Many mail user agents should be able to figure this out by themselves,
others might need manual configuration.
Just as an example, my mail configuration for the PostGIS Developers
looks like this (procmail recipe):
   * ^List-ID:.*
   * !^X-List-Administrivia: yes
Happy mailing !
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