All right,

The Skullspace Bitcoin Endowment Trust has been renamed Bonehead Bitcoin Endowment Trust to clarify that this is not a Skullspace controlled initiative. Skullspace is the the beneficiary of our trust, but not in control over when we decide to move funds to Skullspace.

The three trustees, with position and quote are:

Ian -- Bear
"It's a ponzi"

Alex -- At large
"I don't know much about bitcoin"

Mark -- Bull
"Current valuation is a BUY (in small amounts you can afford) even assuming a 80% chance of failure"

We used the two of three scheme I presented at BSides Winnipeg.

The address we generated with this and moved funds to is:

Thanks to Ian for $50 seed a few weeks ago, Ian for the 5.0 GH/s miner, for two USB miners back in September, and Jeremy for four USB miners a few weeks back.
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