slartibartfast wrote: 
> Just noticed that 'The Killers' are missing from my artist list when
> using the Logitech android app. The albums appear in the album list with
> 'The Killers' as the artist. Orange Squeeze, Squeezer, the web ui and
> all players show all artists. Deleting the app data doesn't help either.

Just looked a little more closely at the artist list and found the
following artists missing
Alisha's Attic
Antonin Dvorak
B.B. King
Ben Folds
Black Prairie
Bruce Springsteen
Captain Beefheart
I stopped at this point at the start of C since it was obvious that a
great number of artists were missing. 
It is a shame that this app cannot be trusted since it does not suffer
from the artwork loading time delays experienced in Orange Squeeze.

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