mherger wrote: 
> > I spoke too early. Ran into one incidence of playing beyond track
> today.
> > However in the past the problem happened more frequently. Now I'm
> really
> > puzzled. May have to roll back to much older versions!
> Would this happen with any flac file or just some of them? Is it 
> reproducible with certain files? If so, please feel free to share some 
> of them with me:
> -- 
> Michael

It's happening to random FLAC files. The problematic ones I rewind and
play again, no jammed track. 

And I saved a playlist of those FLAC files that were previously jammed,
about 15 songs. I replayed the playlist over and over again without any
problem. That's why it should be an LMS problem, somebody may have broke
the code.

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