Agreed. This shows the problem is all over, not player/architecture
dependent. Communication/protocol could still be the culprit. That is
why I mentioned in my earlier post some strange "cannot connect to
server" messages that flash for less than a second, which seem like a
false-negative since the music never stops and LMS web-UI has the
problem, not the player itself.

It is odd that LMS seems schizophrenic. LMS falls behind, not the track
playing on the player. LMS knows to send track 3 and does so
successfully, the player continues playing track 3, but LMS web-UI
displays track 2 as current track. LMS knows enough to send the next
track and continues with track 4 too. Sometimes I think it just stays
stuck on track 2; usually it just stays 1 track behind. I don't see
dropouts or buffering issues. Rarely, it will stop at the end of a track
and I need to play a track explicitly to get the UI and player back in

I only mentioned player sync before because I know that sync has the
most complicated logic and this requires LMS to know what is on all
players and exactly where the players are at (since it can force
corrections to bring players back in sync). 

For me, I think a work-around may be to avoid playing an album while one
is currently playing. I will try to pause play, clear the playlist, add
the next album, then start play. Perhaps that will avoid the problem.

I have seen the problem mostly when I alter the playlist while it is
playing. When I lined up 4 hours of short (pop music) tracks and let it
go, it played without a problem.

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