Mnyb wrote: 
> Music does not need to stop for small com glitches the internal buffer
> is >=30 seconds of music , depending on codec . For low bitrate MP3 even
> more .
> In fact it usually don't stop , it just keeps on playing until the
> buffer is empty even if the UI crashes ?

Has nothing to do with "small com glitches". The problem in this case
(and I have seen that with my router many times but I can rule it out
for the latest incident since I don't use it for streaming anymore due
to this) is stalling streams.
"Stalling" means the stream is broken but both sides don't notice it.
That's less of a problem for the actual music stream because you get a
new one every few minutes.
But the slimproto control connection is also a stream and if that one
stalls the server will never know that the player has finished playing a
track so will not send a new one. You get exactly the behavior we are
seeing here.

Now... this doesn't seem to be the _only_ possible cause for this but
it's certainly one and ruling it out might help....

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