pippin wrote: 
> Has nothing to do with "small com glitches". The problem in this case
> (and I have seen that with my router many times but I can rule it out
> for the latest incident since I don't use it for streaming anymore due
> to this) is stalling streams.
> "Stalling" means the stream is broken but both sides don't notice it.
> That's less of a problem for the actual music stream because you get a
> new one every few minutes.
> But the slimproto control connection (and also the cometd connection
> used by Apps and SqueezePlay) is also a stream and if that one stalls
> the server will never know that the player has finished playing a track
> so will not send a new one. You get exactly the behavior we are seeing
> here.
> Now... this doesn't seem to be the _only_ possible cause for this but
> it's certainly one and ruling it out might help....

That was better explanation, never had exactly this error myself only
your typical flaky wifi that goes down for some seconds .

Some process of elimination to exclude some of the involved network
devices ? To fault trace .

For example in my network the internet router is actually not used as a
switch it's conected to one of my switches and the wired server and all
of wired players use static IP so they don't need my router to function
so it can go down or be rebooted without a hitch . Player and server
talks trough the switches. The switches are these blue sheet metal case
semi pro netgear types , no shiny consumer variant with fancy plastic
case and power saving and Eco features ....

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