The last time I restarted it took 15 minutes for the server to fire up.

Ok, now you probably have to define what you consider "fire up". When does this process start, and when do you consider it done?

[16-10-15 19:40:41.0099] Plugins::Spotify::Spotifyd::_checkAlive (146)
spotifyd has failed restarting

19:40 - last entry of the previous run.

[16-10-15 19:45:29.0807] main::init (384) Starting Logitech Media Server
(v7.9.0, 1473501469, Sat Sep 17 04:05:47 CUT 2016) perl 5.014001 -

19:45 - five minutes later it seems to be back up and running.

[16-10-15 19:45:49.6300] Plugins::Qobuz::Plugin::__ANON__ (46) Success:
using Text::LevenshteinXS to speed Qobuz up.
[16-10-15 19:57:11.4402]
Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::Players::_players_error (359) Unable
to get players from SN: Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor, retrying
in 60 seconds

19:57 - another 12 minutes later there are networking related issues reported. But between the previous event and this is nothing. What exactly did you time?

The cache is stored on the internal hard drive

How much is left on that drive?


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