Giza2020 wrote: 
> Look at for guides on setting up the pi
ad6922 wrote: 
> I was going on the same path last year to look for alternatives for
> squeezebox as the LMS-software on my QNAP nas had security breaches.
> In the end I went for a rpi2 with As it is a rather cheap
> alternative I wanted to give it a try.
> By now, it's not a try anymore, but it's here to stay.
> It's simple in daily use and I got the airplay option as an extra. As
> the spotify app have been changed in the last year as well there is no
> need to change
> to a different platform. It does everything that I want it to do.
RSJ wrote: 
> I switched to Raspberry Pi using Max2play and Hifiberry amps and have
> never looked back. They integrated into my existing Squeezeboxes
> flawlessly and I can sync everything, play anything on my NAS and stream
> Spotify to all of them. I'll be slowly phasing out the older
> Squeezeboxes because I can get so much more functionality out of the
> Raspberry Pi setup with things like Jivelite that allows control through
> touchscreens and HDTVs, being able to embed the player into a multitude
> of devices and locations and combining it with Sure amps makes the
> Raspberry Pi setup simply the best in my opinion.
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Thanks Giza2020, ad6922 and RSJ for mentioning us! It means a lot when
you see users taking the software we built and utilizing them so
greatly. We started our project with a special focus on the great
capabilities of the Squeezebox system and the goal bringing these
features to the Raspberry Pi for everyone to enjoy. Now it is fantastic
to see such great solutions like RSJ's system based on our software. The
integration of the Rii to control Jivelite is a great touch that we have
not seen yet, great idea!
If you have any thoughts or ideas on the software that would make your
experience with it better, we would love to hear from seasoned users
what is on the top of their lists.

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