Drongo wrote: 
> Hi,
> I have 7.7.2 installed on a QNAP and a friend has the same installed on
> a synology system running on an HP computer. Over the last few months we
> have both suffered with squeezecentre hanging, almost on a weekly 
> timeframe. Since we are running different OS's I was thinking that the
> problem may lie with squeezebox.com. Prior to this both versions were
> working fine for over 2 years.
> Any others had similar problems
> Regards
> Drongo

gday Drongo

v7.7.2 is a bit old, you can safely update to v7.8 and I think even
V7.8.1 nightly without too much fuss.

There are security issues with running LMS on a Qnap and a some of us
have taken to running LMS v7.9 nightly on a raspberry pi3 or similar
small form computer and keeping the nas for the music files.

For your mate there may be a suitable workaround thanks to pinkdot if
you look about the forum.



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