soundcheck wrote: 
> I have a workaround to play Amazon Music on squeezeclients. 
> Limitation: For iOS device owners only.
> First I activate the shairtunes2 plugin. 
> All squeezeclients will then be offered as Airplay devices on the
> iPad/iPhone.
> Open the Amazon Music app and select your Airplay device (squeezeclient)
> of choice.
> Works great.
> Just another idea popped up:
> Since most streaming providers (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify) offer much better
> iOS Apps to handle their offerings, than what you'll find as LMS plugin
> implementation, 
> it might be worth a thought to also use above method for the rest of the
> bunch.  
> One drawback of this method will be the high traffic over WLAN. Another
> drawback will be the occupation of your iPhone/iPad.

I tried this, and indeed could find my players on the iphone.  When I
selected one and streamed music to them, the album art appeared on the
controller screen, but no music played.  Upon closer inspection, I found
a message on the controller that the connection timed out.  I also have
some Logitech Internet Radios, and tried streaming to them, and the same
thing happened.

Any ideas?

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