TomAmes wrote: 
> I just noticed that my Spotify playlists are being truncated at a
> maximum of 500 tracks on LMS (most recent 7.9 nightly). I don't know
> when this started, but LMS used to play my complete Spotify playlists.
> Several weeks ago I disabled Triode's plug-in and replaced it with the
> Spotify Protocol Handler. I can keep adding Spoitfy playlists to LMS to
> total far more than 500 tracks, but I can not get a single playlist to
> play more than 500 tracks.
> I have gone to, disabled/re-enabled my Spotify account
> there and all looks normal for my three players (one Boom, 2 Classics)
> and controller. In Settings > Performance I changed the maximum playlist
> length from 5000 to various settings. I can shorten the maximum length
> of playlists but not increase it.
> Is there something I am overlooking? Maybe uninstall/reinstall LMS? Do I
> need to commence chopping up my Spotify playlists into 500-track
> chunks?
> And thanks to Michael and everyone else for keeping this eco-system
> alive and improving!

It is a LMS setting. Change it in settings>advanced>performance>max
length of playlist

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