kidstypike wrote: 
> A few hours ago, I set up a Pi with the image that Man in a van gave you
> a link to, (you said you couldn't get it to work), it worked fine for
> me.
> I mounted a NFTS formatted USB thumb drive/stick with a few albums on
> it, and it works no problem.

Oh really you really know me well indeed you follow me from right back
the beginning thanks
I may indeed do something wrong so like man in the van say... Easy to do
from picoreplayer directly and I manage indeed... Well almost... 
OK so I will format it.. Somehow... 
I have some invites guess I  the house ans they all crazy about you guys
ans the amount of effort you put I  nobs like me... 
Sorry but they all will get Pi with pcp soon... No problem I will be
here for them like you for me

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