mherger wrote: 
> > Okay, let's all sit still in this boat and have a quiet conversation
> > about the future of this forum. If it is so that the days of this
> forum
> > are counted because sooner or later Logitech will shut it down,
> wouldn't
> > it make sense to move it to an independent server -before- that
> > happens?
> It makes perfect sense. But somebody would have to do it. And somebody 
> would have to come up for the cost, hosting, maintenance. And that 
> somebody would have to make sure he is/they are more likely to be around
> in a few years from now than the current "sponsor".
> -- 
> Michael

If it ever comes to that, I'd be happy to pitch in. I've been a reseller
for a major webhost since 2003, and have archived many of my favorite
websites/brands that would otherwise be lost to time. I have plenty of
web resources I could donate that I expect to keep for the long haul.
Seriously, if you hear whispers that anything might happen, I would be
happy to do a migration.

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