I have been successful in getting my goggle home working with IFTTT and
my LMS system.
It functions quite well ... to the point where I've order the google
home mini as just a remote control for LMS.

I am able to:
-control volume
-select playlist 
-shuffle playlist
- select artist 
- add artist to playlist

The general steps were to:
- setup Dynamic DNS to home
- password protect LMS ... you don't want to have this open
- forward port 9000 on router
- create IFTTT account - link google assistant
- create IFTTT applet for each command

The trickiest part was getting the url's correct for the IFTTT actions.
To make this easy for anyone wanting to try, I have created the attached
You enter your specific info in the setup tab, and the commands that you
need for IFTTT will be generated for you.

|Filename: LMS - google home control-pub.zip                        |
|Download: http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24548|

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