Well I got the "used" SB3 today, that I bought off E-Bay.  It arrived,
with remote, and P/S all in the original Slim Designs box, with even the
foam blocks to hold SB3 in box.

On initial power up it tried to connect to the previous owners wifi
network, then told me "Unable to connect to Squeezenetwork".  So I press
and hold the *LEFT* grey arrow key on remote down, and hold it for 5
seconds. This is documented in the Squeezebox Owners manual, bottom of
page 8.
Then manually connected to my wifi network. It did obtain the IP address
automatically using DHCP.

When it came time to connect to my Squeezebox account, I had to manually
enter my old e-mail and password... This was tricky to find the @ key on
the remote, WTF. Well scroll up using the grey *UP* arrow on the remote
until you see @. This is not documented anywhere in my printed manual. 
After that all my stored radio channels, and my various Pandora music
channels are available on the Squeezebox under *Favorites*.

Success !  It works perfectly, both channels have good audio off a
Toslink connection, or off the small headphone jack.  And now I have a
spare power supply and remote control too.

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