My duet has slowly faded out of use due to the connivence factor of all
the other tech we have.  However, I have a couple rooms with in wall
speakers I’d like to put to use to play music with. 

The things we use are music off our iPhones, pandora, sound cloud and
amazon music.  We have several Alexa devices and one google home.   I
tried to use the Chromecast Audio but it seems like you had to have
premium subscriptions to be able to play that way.   

The speakers are all ran to a closet downstairs.  If I could get The
Alexa devices to connect to the speakers as her output everyone would be
happy. I do have coax and cat5 to each room but don’t know if it’s
possible to send the audio output of the echo over 50 feet.  

The other option would be to get the iPhone to connect with the
speakers.   Again the amplifier is 50 feet away and not every app has a
way to cast what you want to play.  

I have read about the pi projects and there are so many different
options but I don’t know what would do what I wanted.  For instance can
Alexa control it.  Do they play pandora sound cloud amazon music and
Apple Music?  

Does anyone have their 2 cents to chip in?

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