alfista wrote: 
> What are the purpose of the change? To have a more expensive system or
> some added functionality?

Neither i always try and improve the sound quality(the detail
+dynamics), if it costs more so be it but sometimes i have found out
that cheaper is indeed an improvement for example i hear more details
through the lesser expensive Usher speakers so they stay out more often,
i also went from a pre amp + two Roksan caspian M1 power amps to an
integrated for a sound improvement.

what has prompted me looking at the source is that i have a Questyle
QP1R Dap that i use for headphones it can also be used as a line out
which i have connected into the Vincent Integrated which does
considerably improve the system sound especially the detail! But as this
is a bit of a faff i would rather has something permanently placed on my
rack that i can stream from


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