drmatt wrote: 
> As a long time devotee of LMS I say stick with the SBT there's nothing
> wrong with it, particularly as a digital source. Modify the sound to
> your taste with an offboard DAC. The Chord FPGA-based DACs make a
> noticeable difference, but I've gone with a Mytek myself.
> Also note the measurements show the SBT analogue output is accurate down
> to about 17 bits, so you won't "improve" anything other than your
> perception of the sound by changing it.

better to stick than twist then!

yeah i get all the tech i am an electronics engineer and have contracted
for some high end manufacturers in my past(worked for ATC for a while &
spent a considerable amount of time in their listening room, dont think
they liked it when i passed comment about my Ushers 718s being better
than some of their high end kit lol).

I used to save up and upgrade one piece of hi fi per year, these days
i'm not sure if there are any advances. I purchased a music hall
turntable a few years back and that sounds better than any Digital
format i have ever heard it's just a bit of hassle changing sides
cleaning the cart and winding down the clamp every 20mins when we have
been used to over 75mins albums on the digital formatt

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