toolapcblack wrote: 
> better to stick than twist then!
> yeah i get all the tech i am an electronics engineer and have contracted
> for some high end manufacturers in my past(worked for ATC for a while &
> spent a considerable amount of time in their listening room, dont think
> they liked it when i passed comment about my Ushers 718s being better
> than some of their high end kit lol).
> I used to save up and upgrade one piece of hi fi per year, these days
> i'm not sure if there are any advances.

Believe it or not you will find it hard to match the flexibility of the
SBT in terms of supported formats and bitrates even now, ten years or so
after the end of production.

The only significant advances in the last few years (because anything
digital is more or less essentially perfect already, and so much better
than vinyl or tape it's not even amusing) is class D amplification
(which will mainly improve efficiency rather than performance), and
room/response correction. Sadly the latter is still a hobbyist thing
outside of home cinema systems.

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