If the Grace device has Chromecast Audio built in, then its should work
with a DLNA controller app on your phone, using the DLNA server built
into the LMS media server.   This is similar to the setup I have with a
physical Chromecast Audio device.  I use "HiFi cast" on my android phone
to cast my local music stored on the PC (running LMS), and the Tunin app
to cast radio and podcasts.

I have been looking at these Grace Digital devices for a while.  I wish
they would make one using standard Android. After looking I bought the
Zettaly Avy instead.  I am hoping it does not need a repair though since
it looks like Zettaly is out of business.  You can still buy the devices
on Amazon, but their web site has shut down and there appears top be no
way to get service.

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