In a separate discussion, someone pointed me to forked-daapd:

This looks quite appealing - it has a long list of supported players,
including ChromeCast which would fit my needs quite well.  Anyone here
tried it?

- Korny

On 8 April 2018 at 23:30, dbwat <>

> This is a fun thread. Re: family adoption, my wife had no problem with
> the Boom. It became a habit for her: it took, she could play her music,
> it always worked. She controlled it through the browser for a couple
> years, then mostly Pandora through the remote.
> The other SBs required things to be turned on or universal remotes to be
> used. An extra step or steps. A stray gesture of the universal remote,
> not all the commands were received, why isn’t this working? Just enough
> friction in the experience and no thanks, Bluetooth speaker carried room
> to room works just fine. In general it just wasn’t worth it for her.
> Then there’s the platform itself. I’ve had some networking transition
> pains (moved to a new home with plaster/lathe walls, segmented rooms, so
> I transitioned to a new mesh network product and essentially beta-tested
> the product for some time before it was stabilized with the SBs), but
> they’ve been unrelated to my family’s adoption. Just a little too geeky
> for them. Is this an inherently geeky platform? This is part of the fun,
> right? It is for me anyway.
> The family recently took to Spotify, and the Sonos One speakers I
> peppered through the home takes their voice commands and plays Spotify
> and Pandora for them. They can turn speakers on and off through direct
> interaction with the speakers.
> So I’m down to one Transporter now, and I’m not giving it up anytime
> soon. I get to listen to music through a great hardware product with an
> amazing LMS platform actively cared for by Michael and this community.
> And my fam gets to talk to the Sonos speakers and hear what they want in
> any room. Everybody’s happy.
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