I have had it working. Its OK but of course Windows only and means you
need a machine on and the ability to control it. 

On a similar theme I have built a Pi3 with USB soundcard that takes the
output of my Hi-Fi amp and streams it as FLAC which LMS can tune in to -
I can stream Vinyl, Cassettes etc and literally anything that I can plug
into my Amp which could include an Amazon tablet etc etc

Not my work but here is a How To

[B]Living Room* - Joggler & SB3 -> Onkyo TS606 -> Celestion F20s
*Office* - Pi3+Sreen -> Sony TAFE320 -> Celestion F10s / Pi2+DAC & SB3
-> Onkyo CRN755 -> Wharfedale Modus Cubes
*Dining Room* -> SB Boom 
*Kitchen* -> UE Radio (upgraded to SB Radio)
*Bedroom (Bedside)* - Pi2+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
*Bedroom (TV)* - SB Touch ->Sherwood AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s
Everything controlled by iPeng
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