ryangodammit wrote: 
> I am using Jivelite, squeezelite doesn't have any keyboard control
> functions.
> I'm just trying to get to the bottom of the InputToActionMap.lua file so
> I can change the set_preset_1 key to a key that doesn't require shift. 
> InputToActionMap.lua doesn't seem to be in the same place as stated in
> the instructional post
> https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?105117-lirc-rpi-gpio-IR-support-for-picoreplayer&p=883651&viewfull=1#post883651
> I have found it in the ./tmp folder and the ./opt folder but have yet
> not tested changing these ones. Shall I give it a try? Whats the best
> way of rolling back to a copy of picoreplayer I know I haven't broken-
> make an iso copy?
It's located at
in pcp, but it's read only.  You need to copy it as I described in that

The set_preset_*N* keys map to HOLDING the function keys F*N* however
the InputToActionMap.lua file only includes a mapping for setting preset
1 with a "standard key press".

To set presets 2-6 you have to press and hold the corresponding function

The number keys play a preset, if a value has been set.

Note that although lms supports 10 presets for each player from 0-9 both
jivelite and squeezeplay only support setting 1-6 thought the keyboard
interface, which is what lirc uses to communicate with jivelite.


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