MeSue wrote: 
> I’ve been enjoying the hands free experience with Amazon Echo. Mostly I
> use Echo for Pandora and Squeezebox for my music library (since I’m not
> as likely to be skipping unwanted tracks with my owned music). It’s nice
> to just say, "I don’t like this song," and have it instantly banished
> from my station without having to find a remote, reach for the front
> panel, or dig out my phone. 
> I've been tempted to switch to Spotify so I can have one on-demand music
> service that works with both, but I am still holding out with Napster
> and hoping for an Echo integration. 
> My two two main gripes with Alexa for music, though, is with volume
> control. The lowest volume for music is still too loud if you just want
> low background music while having a conversation, and then if you leave
> it low for music, it’s not loud enough for other things like hearing the
> weather or whatever. Also there is no replay gain which really bugs me.
> And it’s annoying to interrupt the music every time you ask Alexa for
> something. 
> But it if I had to do without Squeezebox, I could get by with Amazon
> Echo.

My biggest gripe with Alexa is no REPLAY GAIN.   Why cannot Amazon
implement that?

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