tutejszy wrote: 
> Finally, I think i found perfect solution. Socat utility is the answer!
> I am using two instances:
> socat tcp-l:3483,fork,reuseaddr tcp:my-home-server.org:3483
> socat tcp-l:9000,fork,reuseaddr tcp:my-home-server.org:9000
> On the squeezebox device you enter the local address of the machine that
> is running above. And that's it! Every time socat establishes connection
> it apparently resolves host name (checked playing with hosts file), so
> it works smoothly! Hooray!
> If your local machine works on windows you need this:
> https://github.com/StudioEtrange/socat-windows

This might get you round the dyndns issue, but you still have to have an
open port to your squeezebox server, and there-in lies the problem,
because you are open to all the script kiddies in Russia and Asia trying
to find open ports to go probe /steal or mess with your music and
anything else they can.  Maybe  you leave your front door open at night
too, but I wouldnÂ’t.  Private VPN or local server are the only solutions
worth considering.

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