slartibartfast wrote: 
> For what it's worth it is 28 days since the date on this screenshot. As
> you say it is no longer listed in the much maligned BBC Sounds app
> either. 
A bit off topic.  I believe (but stand to be corrected) the UK 30 day
limit is not a BBC restriction but a UK broadcasting regulator one - the
regulator may have felt more than 30 days would give BBC unfair
advantage - Netflix, Sky, Disney HBO etc must think that's hilarious.

> (I noticed the other day that the BBC Sounds app stops playing after
> around 10 minutes with an error, the old iPlayer never did that.)

AFAIK They use the same underlying tech and CDN networks. Possibly
Sounds is more MP3/Podcast rather than stream.
Is this a nocebo effect ?

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