stroudpete wrote: 
> For some reason my 3 Touch Players are not connecting to the LMS. I've
> got them all connected to my PC via ethernet. LMS is on my PC. Today I
> tried to play a playlist via Spotty but the home screen had reverted to
> a basic version with no Spotty etc. I had upgraded to the latest server
> version (LogitechMediaServer-7.9.2-1573685519.exe) the day before. I've
> never had any problems with this in the past. Diagnostics on control
> panel are all OK. It appears to me that the players are not connecting
> to LMS. I've rebooted the payers, I've reverted back to the previous LMS
> version just to check but no joy. I've reconnected to ethernet via
> networking in advanced settings and all the players connect ok. Not sure
> what to do next. Would be grateful for any advice.Have you tried selecting 
> "My Music" on the Touch players? This should
produce a prompt to connect to LMS.

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