pinkdot wrote: 
> Difference in scanned files could be a permission issue on the server.
> So, check the top folder's permission and apply these setting to all
> underlying folders. This can easily be done in Files.

Very interesting tip this, didn't try it until now, I assumed everything
was correct. When I right-clicked music folder, went to "permissions
tab", checked that everyone had read access, ticked the "apply this to
all subfolders and files"-box, then apply - it went very quickly at
first, as if all these settings had been applied already - then it
started displaying specific files and folders names, as if these ones
had to have these "new" permissions applied to them.

Why would this be ? I have never changed anything about this setting.
Could I have downloaded music files that have had different permission
settings set on them already, that they have then retained while
downloaded to my NAS ? Or is that not how it works ?

Thanks for any input.

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