That mirrors my experience - the stock power supply is the weakest link.
It fails but seldom cleanly, it'll result in remotes not working or
music stopping suddenly (ugh). That is about the only reason I stopped
replacing stock PS and got a bunch of linear supplies.

Server: Virtual Machine (on VMware Workstation 14 Pro) running Ubuntu
18.04 + LMS 7.9.1
System: SB Touch --optical->- Benchmark DAC2HGC --AnalysisPlus Oval
Copper XLR->- NAD M22 Power Amp --AnalysisPlus Black Mesh Oval->- KEF
Reference 1
Other Rooms: 2x SB Boom; 1x SB Radio; 1x SB Classic-> NAD D7050 -> Totem
DreamCatcher + Velodyne Minivee Sub
Computer audio: workstation --USB->- audioengine D1 -> Grado RS1/Shure
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