echable wrote: 
> But they're not undocumented features, they're main features of the
> official Tidal app. And there's still no excuse for the missing search
> results.

I think you need to read this sentence from M Hergers reply again:
> We are limited to whatever feature set is in the documentation they
> provide to us.

Logitech stopped company supported development and maintenance of the
Squeezebox eco-system many years ago. However, they have kindly kept the servers running and allowed one employee (M Herger) to
keep the LMS server software and operational over the
years. Stopping maintenance most likely includes stopping maintaining
and upgrading agreements including API docs with 3rd party suppliers of
connected services, such as Wimp/Tidal.

2 Touch, 2 Picoreplayer 5.0.0 on RaspBerry 3B, 1 RasbBerry Zero running
Raspian and Squeezelite 1.8
LMS latest nightly on Ubuntu 18.04.3 on Intel Core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz,
All wired
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