If Logitech indeed has an employee dedicated to LMS - it is mature

They don't. There's one employee (me) dealing with all things Squeezebox on the side. I am working 99% on different stuff nowadays. But when there's an issue with mysqueezebox.com etc. I'm the guy dealing with it. Official LMS work is strictly limited to fixing security issues, and keeping it working on new OS versions (Windows & macOS).

LMS development officially stopped like 7 years ago. Anything that happened since then is mostly what I consider my community contribution. It is NOT official work. TIDAL actually is a bit of a special case, because at the time they had a great guy staying in touch with us, and allowing me to update the implementation despite lack of official support (thank you, Pal!). But unfortunately he's no longer working for TIDAL.

software anyway - then I suggest this employee contacts Tidal, explains
the issues and asks for updated APIs so that LMS can get full Tidal
search results and functionality.

I did. No response.

Or failing that, maybe an unofficial Tidal plugin with full
functionality ? Every other third-party Tidal interface I've seen fully
replicates search results and functionality of official Tidal interfaces
(web, desktop, app).

That's indeed one option. But there's no public API documentation covering streaming. You'll need to have some legal work done with TIDAL. Good luck with that in an open-source project.

I am convinced Tidal would be positive to such a request for updated
APIs. Tell them somebody from Norway said so.

Jay-Z will be impressed :-D.


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