You think Jay-Z with Beyonce and everything has the time to know what an
API is ? :) Tidal was originally a Norwegian streaming service called
WiMP, and it's still based in Oslo.

Maybe I'll see if I can find their phone number or address. A
handwritten letter asking for updated APIs for LMS so my dad can still
listen to his timba cubana please ? :D A Christmas present ? 

Good job Herge on keeping LMS working though - I can't believe Logitech
has basically abandoned this, I have tried -every- (believe me) music
server on the market and LMS is so far ahead there's no comparison. 

So dedicated development really stopped 7 years ago ? Horrible thought
that they might pull the plug completely at any time. Or, in your
opinion, is that a real risk or not ?  

(btw; unrelated, but: on Android 9 Chrome, clicking "edit" on an already
posted post when using this forum brings up the post with "reason for
editing" fields and everything and where it looks like it should be able
to be edited, however, clicking anywhere in the text of the post brings
you immediately to a page that says "invalid link", -and- deletes the
original post you were trying to edit entirely! As far as I can
recognise your forum software is a commonly used one that really
shouldn't have that kind of bug?)

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