echable wrote: 
> Hi 
> I have two LMS, one on a Synology and one on an Odroid.
> Synology NAS come with free DDNS-address, so I have many packages that
> all respond at
> The Synology, however, at (on Synology LMS
> uses 9002), it has worked before, now the browser eventually says site
> can't be reached, took to long to respond.
> If, instead of the NAS DDNS address, I type the internal IP address of
> the NAS e.g., it responds like normal. 
> I tested with other packages that are at www.mysynologynas:5678 etc.,
> they all respond like the always have done.
> I deleted the whole DDNS reservation and then recreated it. I renewed
> the Let's Encrypt certificate. I rebooted, everything. 
> Where do you even begin to try to pinpoint the origin of this problem ?
> I downloaded Pinkdot's latest Synology package for LMS a few weeks ago,
> is it conceivable that something was changed there that now through some
> strange mechanism it has stopped responding at the DDNS:port ?
> I have messed around with LMS a bit, even though I have two copies.
> However, I have so much music and need to gather so many APIs for the
> music services I want and stuff, that it is an expansive boring job to
> reconfigure a fresh install the way I want it. It is especially bad to
> wait for the music file scan because I have over 300.000 files. Is there
> a way to save config /plugins and/or the music folder scan database and
> transfer it directly into a fresh LMS install ?
> And finally, I've enabled the "look for remote music libraries", and on
> the Synology, the Odroid comes up as a remote music library. It asks for
> username, then a new but different screen asks for password. The
> password is seen on screen as typed, it is not ***asterisked out or
> anything. Then, next screen comes up like this:
> Password 
> Search
> Home > Remote Music Libraries > odroid > Username (MY PASSWORD!) >
> Password (MY PASSWORD)
> Unable to verify your account, please try again.
> Is this a known issue ? 
> Thank you for maintaining the Synology LMS package, it means a lot to
> me.

When you changed the router IP did you change the gateway ip on the nas?

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