I'm not an engineer, but I'm trying to get my head around some of the
technical information on the wiki so that I don't blow something up.
And, I'm stuck at a concept. Can someone help me understand what is
being said here? Specifically, with regard to the amplification factor:

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Specifically, the power output and amplifier gain sensitivity section
quoted below:
> This table means that the amplifier provides 29dB of gain, or, in other
> words, *amplifies (increases) the line voltage by a factor of 28.2*. It
> also means that if the line voltage offered to the 14B line input is
> 2.3V, the output voltage is about 65 Vrms. Most importantly, this table
> means that at 2.3 Vrms on the amplifier line input, the maximum power
> output of 600W is achieved. (emphasis added by me)

I understand everything about the statement above, except the missing .8
of line voltage factor. I understand the 29db of gain came from the
specs of the amp. I understand that if you apply 2.3 live input voltage
you get ~65 Vrms by multiplying 2.3v * the 28.2 amplification factor. I
just don't understand how you get the 28.2 factor from 29dB of gain.

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